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How to become a Cannabis stealth ninja – The ultimate guide


Having to hide your Cannabis use sucks. However, the alternative of abstaining from this wonderful plant isn’t an attractive or realistic prospect for most of us. In fact I’d honestly prefer to drink a pint of spiders than stop smoking. This doesn’t mean I’m addicted. It’s just a culture that I’m passionate about and the last 5 years have brought much happiness...

Why my first Cannabis experience was pretty shit


People often ask me about the time I popped my ‘Cannabis cherry’ expecting an outrageous tale of THC fuelled pleasure and delight. The reality doesn’t come close. I was 17 at the time and was out at my favourite club in Bristol. Being too skint to afford the ‘adult priced’ drinks inside, I regularly nipped outside to chug down a 2L bottle of “White Ace” (basically moonshine) that was hidden...

Cannabis and Cardio: A personal exploration.


There are lots of stereotypes about being a stoner, however, being fit and healthy certainly isn’t one of them. I think that a lot of this stems from a combination of propaganda and education, therefore I’m thrilled to be able to personally debunk the myth that weed smokers all lay around on the couch eating Doritos and laughing at YouTube videos. Don’t get me wrong. There is...

AK-47 – March 2016 strain of the month


Welcome to my first strain of the month post! 🙂 I have spent the last few months sampling around 20 different indica, sativa and hybrid strains and for March this year, I have settled on the wonderful AK-47 hybrid. After checking it out on Leafly here, I decided to give it a try and was not disappointed! Overall it has been a fantastic smoke for both daytime and nighttime and tastes very earthy...

Toking around the world: Honululu, Hawaii


I was fortunate enough to visit the Hawaiian island of Oahu in January this year and after finishing work, set out to explore the islands a little and find out where I could find some of the fabled Maui Waui. Before leaving the UK, I had asked around and trawled through loads of forums yet still struggled to get an idea of how to find weed. The general consensus was that you should ask the right...

About me

Hello, my name is Tom. I’m a musician and product designer who loves Cannabis. I believe that when used responsibly, Cannabis can complement and enhance productivity, fitness and health 🙂 There is a rapidly growing movement to break down the social taboo a and replace negative stereotypes with stories of success and happiness. Join me on that mission!