Toking around the world: Honululu, Hawaii


I was fortunate enough to visit the Hawaiian island of Oahu in January this year and after finishing work, set out to explore the islands a little and find out where I could find some of the fabled Maui Waui.

Before leaving the UK, I had asked around and trawled through loads of forums yet still struggled to get an idea of how to find weed. The general consensus was that you should ask the right looking people which doesn’t always go according to plan!

I was determined to find it though and after working one evening, I decided to walk along Waikiki Beach in Hololulu and ask ‘the right looking people’ where I could find some weed. I first tried half-heartedly walking along the beach front and hoping that someone would offer me some. No such luck.

A few days later I decided not to take no for an answer and strolled along the same beachfront and asked anyone that looked like they might know. Within 5 minutes I had been told by several locals that I was ‘in the right place’ and just had to hang around a bit longer by the white structures along the beach where people sit to play chess, chat and hang out.

After another 10 minutes of hanging around I encountered that unmistakable scent and approached a group of guys that were sitting in a circle smoking a joint. “Hey guys, so sorry to bother you! I would love to buy some weed off you if you have any” I said. They initially seemed very suspicious however after explaining that I wasn’t a ‘cop’ they were more than happy to sell me 3.5 grams for $60 which I wasn’t prepared to barter over. They were interested in my English accent and we had a great conversation before going our separate ways.

The bag weight felt about right and the nugs looked super frosty which was awesome! I walked back to the hotel (which was 50 yards from the ocean) and rolled up a very aesthetically pleasing joint. After smoking it I realised that whatever this was, it wasn’t the famed Maui Waui! It had all the traits of a strong indica and gave me a strong body high and a strong sense of euphoria which was fantastic. I happily binged on some pineapple chunks, did some press ups and had an incredibly deep sleep! This was an amazing way to re-adjust after the huge 11 hour timezone difference and helped my jetlag a lot 🙂

hawaii 4
The Honolulu skyline 🙂

Having smoked it all with friends within a few days, I decided to set out once more and look for some Maui Waui. Leafly do a fantastic job of breaking down the attributes of each strain and the Maui Waui page got me really excited!

Picking up weed the second time was so much easier! Within 30 seconds of sitting down at a bench in the white structures along the beach, a local looked me in the eyes and make a smoking gesture. I nodded and he beckoned me over to him. He too charged $20 per gram and it looked and smelled very different to the indica strain I had bought previously. Maybe this was it!

After weighing and bagging up my weed, I pre-emptively picked up some fruit, water and beef jerky and made my way back to the hotel. After smoking it for a few mins, I definitely felt the effects of a mellow Sativa and it certainly ticked all the boxes that Maui Waui was supposed to tick. One can’t be sure at times however this was as close as I was going to get without having a medical card and boy was it good!

hawaii 5
The hotel balcony view 🙂

Overall, it was incredibly easy to find weed in Honolulu and over the next week, it was offered to me several times along the beach front. Some guys were so open they would walk along the pavement asking every person ‘maui waui?” hoping to catch a weed loving tourist (of which there were MANY)!

Of course, being illegal you have to be wary of the police and as long as you aren’t too open about it, you should be fine 🙂 The beach at night is a great spot if you look over your shoulder every now and again.

header uke
I loved learning the ukulele 🙂

There are so many incredible things to do in Hawaii if you don’t feel like smoking or can’t find any, you really won’t care at all 🙂 It lives up to the hype in every way and personally, felt like the closet thing to paradise.

Over the course of 2 weeks I got some great work done with the team, worked out lots, swam every day, learned the ukulele and met some amazing people. I’m so grateful for these experiences and can’t wait to go back one day 🙂

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or experiences of your own to share from Hawaii and thanks for reading!



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