Cannabis and Cardio: A personal exploration.


There are lots of stereotypes about being a stoner, however, being fit and healthy certainly isn’t one of them.

I think that a lot of this stems from a combination of propaganda and education, therefore I’m thrilled to be able to personally debunk the myth that weed smokers all lay around on the couch eating Doritos and laughing at YouTube videos. Don’t get me wrong. There is definitely a time and a place for such activities but there is so much more to Cannabis than that.

After trawling through forums like rollitup and reddit I found that lots of people talked about running whilst high and some long distance runners would swear by it. I had to investigate further by experiencing this myself.

For a bit of extra context, I like to think I’ve got pretty good cardio most of the time. I’ve usually got some kind of physical activity in my life be it the gym, krav maga, rugby or running and this keeps me feeling alert and ready to adventure through the events life throws at us. Anyway, I’m going off topic. Forgive me.

The first time I tried using Cannabis with cardio I failed HORRIBLY. The reason for this was that I smoked the famed Indica strain Northern Lights before running and felt very lethargic and lacked any energy to run. After about 50 yards I felt sweaty, tired and just gross! Of course, smoking a strong Indica strain like this brings on a powerful body high and causes deep-set relaxation which is great for settling down in the evening, but not for being active in the day 🙂

Take 2.

This time I ground up some pure power plant (a strong Sativa strain) and rolled up a slim joint to smoke on the way to the park. Once I had smoked it I started running and just couldn’t stop! I felt completely immersed in the music that I was listening to (Yelawolf’s Arena Rap EP) and had lots of energy. Before I knew it I had almost doubled my usual run length and felt great in general. Since then it’s become a real treat to sometimes smoke before doing cardio and bodyweight exercises. For heavier weights, I wouldn’t recommend it because you don’t want to have an accident. Also, make sure not to smoke if there are other people or children nearby. Whilst it may be increasingly legal around the world, it must be handled with respect to society 🙂

My cannabis exercise checklist:

  1. Make sure your strain is a Sativa or energy based hybrid. If you don’t have access to a dispensary with that kind of knowledge then I would suggest trying a small amount and see how you feel. To check strain attributes I always use Leafly 🙂
  2. Make sure you are in a safe running environment (not near big busy roads). Parks or gyms are ideal!
  3. Music helps me a LOT. Personally, it makes the experience a lot more immersive and I have a lot of fun!
  4. Stretch! I’ve been terrible at this and when I do take time to stretch it can amazing when stoned 🙂
  5. Stay hydrated but don’t get carried away. A couple of times I have bloated myself out because of dry mouth.

There you go! I’d love to hear how Cannabis helps you exercise and as always, have a productive, happy and healthy week 🙂


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Hello, my name is Tom. I’m a musician and product designer who loves Cannabis. I believe that when used responsibly, Cannabis can complement and enhance productivity, fitness and health 🙂 There is a rapidly growing movement to break down the social taboo a and replace negative stereotypes with stories of success and happiness. Join me on that mission!