Why my first Cannabis experience was pretty shit


People often ask me about the time I popped my ‘Cannabis cherry’ expecting an outrageous tale of THC fuelled pleasure and delight. The reality doesn’t come close.

I was 17 at the time and was out at my favourite club in Bristol. Being too skint to afford the ‘adult priced’ drinks inside, I regularly nipped outside to chug down a 2L bottle of “White Ace” (basically moonshine) that was hidden behind a wheelie bin. It was there that a friend introduced me to my first joint. Well, if you can actually call it a joint..

In hindsight it must have been at least 80% tobacco which of course contaminated the experience. I was also pretty damn hammered which didn’t help.

Of course, it was generous of my friend to offer me this and I was excited to try it. I took 2 or 3 draws and immediately noticed the difference to normal cigarettes (which I’m glad to say I haven’t smoked in years). I noticed my heartbeat increase significantly and for about 15 minutes, I felt fantastic. Again, I’m not sure how much of this euphoria I can actually attribute to the Cannabis due to the cocktail of other drugs I had taken that night.

I remember sauntering back into the club with a beaming grin. I had never even considered trying Cannabis before that night and my Ecuadorian Catholic upbringing had indoctrinated me with all sorts of “psychosis terror” propaganda. As a musician I played a lot of gigs with my band at that age and felt compelled to smoke the flower that all my musical idols seemed to love.

“Fuck you church, Fuck you government, Fuck you ‘Just say no’, and Fuck you to everyone who told me I can’t do this”. That was the rhetoric racing through my adolescent brain that night. At least until the neasea and projectile vomiting started.

Oh deary me.. I felt sooo shitty (quite literally) My body had clearly decided that enough was enough and so began the inevitable and violent cleansing. I must have painted half the streets of Bristol in vomit on the way home. Fucking disgusting right.

My lesson from this? If you are going to smoke Cannabis for the first time, actually smoke Cannabis and don’t pollute the experience with booze or tobacco. It really does make a huge difference. I also think I was too young and immature to experience Cannabis in all it’s glory.

It took me another 4 years until I tried Cannabis properly and well, the rest is history!

Thanks for reading this little memoir 🙂 If you are interested in seeing how my view of Cannabis has changed since then, my Instagram page might delight you 😉

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